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David Hurley

David Hurley has been active in the arts since moving to Maine in 1980. He studied fine art and illustration at the school of Visual Arts in New York City. His work includes oils, watercolors, pen and ink and scratch board, and covers a wide… (More »)

Jill Stasium

Since graduating from Montserrat College of Art, Jill Stasium has spent nearly two decades as a full time painter in the NYC art scene. Her prolific output is characterized by a unique and personal color sense and post-Impressionistic images of her urban lifescape. Inspired by… (More »)

JT Gibson

JT Gibson is a sculptor living in Maine. He says of his work: “My practice as a contemporary sculptor and artist investigates cultural symbols and motifs to create work that inhabits the gray area between abstraction and purpose. I am uninterested in any agenda or… (More »)

Ruby Light Studio

Ruby Light Studio is the portfolio of Belfast photographer, Kevin Johnson. Visit rubylightstudio.com

Sunti Pichetchaiyakul

Sunti Pichetchaiyakul is a renowned sculptor who divides his time between Thailand and Montana. Sunti is known for his extremely life-like fiberglass resin portraits of esteemed Buddhist monks, as well as his historic bronze sculptures of historical figures from the American west. Sunti’s website features… (More »)

Rowers Oars

Wes Reddick is a multi-talented artist living and working in Belfast, Maine. He is a sculptor and a woodworker, but this site focuses on his beautifully hand crafted rowing oars. Wes is an avid rower, and his oars are designed and built for performance as… (More »)

Rick Mitchell

Rick Mitchell is an independent artist, photographer and writer currently living in Lawrence, Kansas. He earned a BFA in Painting at the University of Kansas in 1972, where he studied with Roger Shimomura, Robert Price and Peter Thompson, and an MFA in Art from Rutgers… (More »)

Willy Reddick

Willy Reddick is an artist from Belfast with an extensive portfolio in various media. She needed an online portfolio with multiple galleries.

Beverly Mann

Beverly Mann is an actor, mask theatre performer/educator, movement theatre artist and mask maker. She tours Faustwork Mask Theatre’s solo show “The Mask Messenger” to schools and festivals. Beverly has performed in over 40 states, Canada, Mozambique, South Africa and Peru. She needed a website to reflect the broad range of her talents and accomplishments. Her work ranges from serious theater for adults to fun and funny mask work for children of all ages. Her WordPress powered website design features flat, warm colors, polka dots, and a layout that looks fun and sophisticated at the same time.

Willy Wires

Jewelry and Ornaments Handcrafted by Willy Reddick in Belfast Maine. The Wordpress powered portfolio theme is a simple and modern, minimal design to highlight Willy’s whimsical and colorful jewelry and ornament designs.

Julie Hosho Rose

Julie Hosho Rose is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Belfast Maine. Her Wordpress portfolio site is designed in muted earth tones to show off Julie’s delicate and detailed fiber works, drawings, and paintings. The magazine style layout for the news section utilizes Wordpress’s blogging capabilities.