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Rick Mitchell

Rick Mitchell is an independent artist, photographer and writer currently living in Lawrence, Kansas. He earned a BFA in Painting at the University of Kansas in 1972, where he studied with Roger Shimomura, Robert Price and Peter Thompson, and an MFA in Art from Rutgers University in 1974, where he worked with John Goodyear and was a studio assistant to Fluxus artist Robert Watts. In 1974 he became, with fellow Rutgers graduate Phil Orenstein and others, a founding member of the Amos Eno Cooperative Gallery in New York City, where he showed his work. He was also a frequent exhibitor, with Watts, at the New York Avant Garde Festival and at the performance art venue, The Kitchen, during the 1970s. Also during this period, he was the first photographer, and established the studio and laboratory, for the Rutgers Archaeological Survey Office under Joel Grossman.

Rick's website features many of his more recents photographs.

Visit rwmitchellimages.com