Penobscot Marine Museum

The museum maintains an extensive online presence with educational materials, online exhibits, and a huge searchable image database representing several photographic collections including The National Fisherman, The Atlantic Fisherman, and the Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Company postcard collection.

Belfast Senior College

The website features course listings, faculty profiles, latest news and special events, and online or offline course registration. With an older demographic, the site has been designed with ease of use and accessibility as top priorities.

Belfast Free Library

The Belfast Free Library is dedicated to helping individuals of all ages pursue independent learning by providing access to timely and useful information in all formats.

The Magic of Photography

Exploring The Magic of Photography is an online catalog of four photography exhibits at the Penobscot Marine Museum in 2015. The WordPress powered site displays all the photographs, and includes historical information and audio clips of various historians discussing the photos.

Belfast Co-op

The website design is inspired by the graphic stylings of Manager Doug Johnson, who has been developing the store’s branding over the last few years. The site features news and information, calendar events, recipes, a member’s business directory, and more.

Willy Reddick

Willy Reddick is an artist from Belfast with an extensive portfolio in various media. She needed an online portfolio with multiple galleries.

West Branch Words

Chrissy Fowler offers a transciption service for acedemic researchers who have extended audio recordings they need in text form. She needed a simple and professional looking website to explain her service and establish a sense of identity on the web.

Belfast Massage Therapy

Pam McKeen has been practicing massage therapy for 35 years, and needed a clean and modern website to convey a sense of professionalism and confidence. Pam had a website for many years, but wanted a fully functional responsive design to be accessible to phone and tablet users.

Belfast Poetry Festival

The Belfast Poetry Festival celebrates poetry and artistic possibility. One of the few community-based, non-academic literary festivals in the country, the Festival is an inclusive and collaboration-driven event that gives poets, artists, and audience broad opportunity to make connections, share ideas, and discover possibilities for the arts beyond the merely expected.

The WordPress powered website features multiple custom post types to organize artists, wordshops, venues, and sponsors.

Sunti World Art Gallery

In 2013, Sunti and Erica Pichetchaiyakul purchased the first Methodist church of Whitefish, Montana built in 1905. Their vision for the gallery was to share their passion for foreign cultures and old masters fine art while bringing to Whitefish art of the highest quality from around the globe. The Wordpress powered website features individual portfolio pages for each artist, including image gallery and biographical information.

Miles D. Frieden

After serving as the executive director of the Key West Literary Seminar for 20 years, Miles Frieden has returned to Maine to re-establish his law practice in Waldo County. His focus will be primarily on real estate, conflict resolution, and probate, including wills, estate planning, and same sex partnering. His Wordpress powered website features a professional, modern, mobile ready design.

Belfast Flying Shoes

Al created and has been maintaining the Belfast Flying Shoes website since the popular first Friday contradance began 10 years ago. We recently replaced the original design with a modern fully responsive WordPress website. The legacy content was migrated, so the new site provides all the info and history of the dance in a modern, mobile friendly environment.

Willy Wires

Jewelry and Ornaments Handcrafted by Willy Reddick in Belfast Maine. The Wordpress powered portfolio theme is a simple and modern, minimal design to highlight Willy’s whimsical and colorful jewelry and ornament designs.

Seascape Motel

The Seascape Motel & Cottages in Belfast has been welcoming Maine travelers for over fifty years, and have been online since the early days of the web. The Seascape has always kept pace with the changing times, and needed to upgrade their website to keep pace with the modern web. Many guests of the Seascape are looking for a nice place to stay as they travel, so it’s crucial to have a strong mobile presence.

Metaphor Bronze

Metaphor Bronze is a leader in design, craftsmanship and execution in the realm of American Art Tile. Metaphor’s tiles are solid cast bronze, made from recycled metal and hand finished with proprietary patinas, using a traditional patina technique that allows us to create a wide and luxurious color palette.

Jesup Memorial Library

The Jesup Memorial Library is a vibrant center for educational exchange, creative community collaboration, and knowledge-sharing. The library connects people to ideas, people to information, and people to people.

Beverly Mann

Beverly Mann is an actor, mask theatre performer/educator, movement theatre artist and mask maker. She tours Faustwork Mask Theatre’s solo show “The Mask Messenger” to schools and festivals. Beverly has performed in over 40 states, Canada, Mozambique, South Africa and Peru. She needed a website to reflect the broad range of her talents and accomplishments. Her work ranges from serious theater for adults to fun and funny mask work for children of all ages. Her WordPress powered website design features flat, warm colors, polka dots, and a layout that looks fun and sophisticated at the same time.

Julie Hosho Rose

Julie Hosho Rose is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Belfast Maine. Her Wordpress portfolio site is designed in muted earth tones to show off Julie’s delicate and detailed fiber works, drawings, and paintings. The magazine style layout for the news section utilizes Wordpress’s blogging capabilities.